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Serviss Safety Services

You guys have been great and very tolerant of my lack of computer knowledge.  You took the topic of OSHA that you have little knowledge of and created a program that matched my vision perfectly and exceeds the process that OSHA goes through to conduct an inspection. Great Job.

Michael McCurry, Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office

Very knowledgeable and experienced in the FileMaker solution. Great Staff.

Steven Frakes, Chapel Library

Our new solution would have been impossible without expert assistance from Scott Howard Consulting. The solution itself involves 100,000 names, 300,000 orders, and 600,000 line item records, and includes complex order processing, student administration, subscription processing, reporting, and inventory control. We opted to develop the highly customized solution ourselves, but were unfamiliar with all FileMaker […]

Danny Kirkland, Director, Print Promotions Group LLC

Scott Howard Consulting is a great example of a company that listens to your needs, takes that vision and turns it into reality. In 2011 I needed a solution to handle everything in my business from file creation, data management, CRM, job ticketing and tracking, and finally, Inventory Management. Contracting with Scott was easy. I […]

Gloria Chun, Top Choice College Admissions

As someone who knows little to nothing about technology, I needed someone whom I could trust. I knew that Scott was trustworthy right from the start. He was very professional in the way he went about showing me step by step what was happening with the project. At every step along the way, he welcomed […]

Chris Sullivan, Retina Specialists of Alabama, LLC

He’s extremely knowledgeable and professional. We’ve worked with him for nearly 20 years and he’s an outstanding man.

Karen Vinson, Group Management Services

Very prompt and soooooo nice!

Oaktree Software

Scott Howard Consulting has successfully maintained and developed our very complex FileMakerPro solution for over 6 years. They respond promptly to every emergency, and are always very pleasant and patient to work with.

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