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Steven Frakes, Chapel Library

Chapel Library

Our new solution would have been impossible without expert assistance from Scott Howard Consulting. The solution itself involves 100,000 names, 300,000 orders, and 600,000 line item records, and includes complex order processing, student administration, subscription processing, reporting, and inventory control. We opted to develop the highly customized solution ourselves, but were unfamiliar with all FileMaker enhancements when upgrading from FM6 to FM13. In addition, our former home-grown design was mechanical and cumbersome, and burdened the user with information overload. Rather than his insisting upon use of unneeded standard company overheads and procedures, Scott’s flexible approach to supporting us during the project perfectly fit our needs. In addition, he took initiative to suggest improvements along the way in design, user interface, and scripting. He patiently trained us in the use of new options, resulting in saving significant time and money. We are most satisfied customers. Although their involvement is completed, we continue to benefit every day from Scott Howard Consulting’s professionalism.

Steven Frakes, among his many other responsibilities, is the in-house FileMaker developer for Chapel Library, a ministry that distributes Christian literature around the globe and coordinates college-level courses for prisoners throughout the United States.

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