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Danny Kirkland, Director, Print Promotions Group LLC

Scott Howard Consulting is a great example of a company that listens to your needs, takes that vision and turns it into reality.
In 2011 I needed a solution to handle everything in my business from file creation, data management, CRM, job ticketing and tracking, and finally, Inventory Management. Contracting with Scott was easy. I immediately recognized his expertise and developed a trust in him and his team.
Scott came in and spent months on site learning what we did and ultimately building us a custom application that does all that we needed and more. Because of this solution we were able to go from processing 28,971 projects in 2010 to over 54,500 projects in 2014. We grew our business by more than five times in revenue. None of that would have been possible without the automation and seamless system that Scott Howard Consulting developed for us.

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