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Where Can I Find a Starter Solution? FileMaker 16!

Beginning to develop a new application can be daunting to anyone, even someone who is a familiar with the FileMaker platform.  FileMaker has developed 20 Starter Solutions to help you build and customize an application to meet your demands. These templates provide an easy transition into development without the struggle of design prowess.

Where Do I Begin?

If you don't already own FileMaker, download the free Trial at FileMaker's website.

Once FileMaker is installed, build your application with a Starter Solution by opening FileMaker Pro. The Launch Center will come up encouraging you to "Get Started". Choose one of the new Starter Solutions, or scroll down to “See Advanced Solutions” to view the other 16 templates. If you already have FileMaker 15 or 16 open, you can select File > Get Started....

FileMaker allows you to use the same 16 solutions from the last release by renaming them ‘Advanced Solutions’. The 4 new Starter Solutions are more Basic. Several citizen developers want to create a new application from a Starter Solution but found the ‘Advanced Solutions’ to complex to navigate.

Let’s take a look at the four new Basic Starter Solutions.


The Contacts Starter Solution field are the same but arranged a little differently to make navigating easier. The photo does need as much space in the new solution.

FileMaker Contacts Starter Solution


The Inventory Starter Solution, like the Contacts, contains few minor changes involving the same theme. Its design looks more modern. Field navigation is easier. Instead of having a tab between the picture of the inventory and a description, a description text box is on the left hand side making better use of space.

FileMaker Inventory Starter Solution

Content Management

This Starter Solution changed themes from Luminous to Enlightened. Updated icons allude to a better, more visually appealing application.

FileMaker Content Management Starter Solution


The Tasks Starter Solution bears a more modern design. The ‘Assignees’ and ‘Attachments,' now separated, allow you to see data without switching back and forth between tabs making it more efficient and effective.

FileMaker Tasks Starter Solution


FileMaker's approach with the 4 new Basic Starter Solutions helps you customize applications to fit your workflow. These Starter Solutions are attractive, easy to use and navigate. If you are starting a solution from the ground floor, using one of these templates is a painless way to get started and create a customized solution for your demands.

Excerpts and images were taken from David Happersberger's article, FileMaker 15 Starter Solutions, of DB Services.


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