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Custom Software IS Accessible, Don’t Believe the Myths

As software has become more accessible and more prevalent in our lives, companies are searching for ways to digitize their processes and create a stronger online presence. Organizing  information effectively and efficiently is just one step in that direction.

While there are many off-the-shelf options for software aimed at a myriad of business types and industries, it can be difficult to find just the right fit for your company and your business. On the other hand, the idea of creating your own software that is customized to your needs and processes can be daunting.

David Head, consulting engineer at FileMaker, Inc., outlines the accessibility of customized solutions while debunking the myths that hold people back from making this investment. Find the truth behind the lies that:

  1. Off the shelf apps are best fit to help you run your business.
  2. Small businesses can't afford to develop their own custom apps.
  3. You don't have time to build your own app.
  4. You need to know a programming language.
  5. You need a technical knowledge of databases and user interface design.

Learn how FileMaker is the tool to help you overcome these myths and contact us to see how custom apps are within your reach.

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