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Intro to cURL + FileMaker 10 Friday, September 2021 - Background Alex is a film enthusiast and hobbyist. He takes pride in the fact that he's seen over 500 movies to-date. There's only one problem: he's also a full-time accountant. This means Alex doesn't have time like he used to in his college days to watch movies as he would like. With this constraint in […]
FileMaker and Friends: Spatial Data Visualization Increased by 300% 12 Wednesday, August 2020 - Technologies mentioned in this article: ArcGIS, HERE Maps and HERE JavaScript SDK, Node.js, FileMaker, iOS Most of us watch, in awestruck horror, news of devastating tornadoes, floods, hurricanes, and wildfires. We mourn with the stricken, lift prayers or donate to relief efforts. Some volunteer to help the survivors. But soon, when the first responders leave […]
Business Intelligence Sirote & Permutt iPad App 06 Wednesday, December 2017 - FileMaker, Inc. highlighted one or our clients, Sirote & Permutt, after a highly successful project to deliver corporate data into the hands of attorneys to help them serve their clients better. Sirote & Permutt is a 120 attorney firm serving clients through six offices in Alabama and Florida. They offer a broad range of legal services including […]
Where Can I Find a Starter Solution? FileMaker 16! 05 Thursday, January 2017 - Beginning to develop a new application can be daunting to anyone, even someone who is a familiar with the FileMaker platform.  FileMaker has developed 20 Starter Solutions to help you build and customize an application to meet your demands. These templates provide an easy transition into development without the struggle of design prowess. Where Do […]
FileMaker 15 Enhancements 14 Tuesday, June 2016 - FileMaker 15 was released in May.  An article written by MacNN will explain several of the features available to you in this new version of FileMaker, including mobile enhancements, improved security features, iBeacon support, Touch ID and new licensing structures.  Click here for additional information. Contact us to see how we can use FileMaker 15's powerful new […]
Scott Howard Consulting Now FBA Platinum 22 Monday, February 2016 - Scott Howard Consulting Promoted to Platinum Level of FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) BIRMINGHAM Alabama — February 10, 2016 — Scott Howard Consulting, a leading FileMaker Platform database developer located in Birmingham, AL, today announced that it has been designated as a Platinum Level FileMaker Business Alliance (FBA) member. Platinum level members of the FBA are select companies that are associated […]
FileMaker 12 is making its way to the archives 20 Saturday, February 2016 - Like many developers, in order to keep up with advancements in technology, FileMaker regularly releases new and updated versions of its software.  With each new release, FileMaker discontinues support for a previous version.  That time has come for FileMaker 12, which means no more updates or security patches, and although the knowledge base will still […]
Boost Your Business Kit 19 Friday, February 2016 - After much success, FileMaker has re-introduced the Boost Your Business Kit. This offer is an excellent option for any business looking to get started with FileMaker. Purchase of 1 FileMaker Server with 5 concurrent connections and receive 5 copies of FileMaker Pro at no extra cost! This is a savings of 40% on the first year! Read […]
Custom Software IS Accessible, Don’t Believe the Myths 19 Tuesday, January 2016 - As software has become more accessible and more prevalent in our lives, companies are searching for ways to digitize their processes and create a stronger online presence. Organizing  information effectively and efficiently is just one step in that direction. While there are many off-the-shelf options for software aimed at a myriad of business types and […]
Demystifying Sub-Summary Reports 13 Wednesday, January 2016 - Upcoming Webinar: Demystifying Sub-summary Reports Register Now! Join FM Academy for a free webinar on Tuesday, January 19th, 2:00pm (EST). Presented by Scott Howard, owner and Certified FileMaker Developer with Scott Howard Consulting. Every organization needs their software to generate reports: How many bags of coffee did we deliver by month? What are our year-to-date gross sales broken down by […]
“The best training class I ever took.” –Dr. Florence Haseltine, National Institutes of Health 18 Friday, December 2015 - Scott Howard consulting is thrilled to partner with SmallCo. this February to host The Design Masterclass 2 Day Getaway at the Kinetic Offices in downtown Birmingham. Check out the announcement below for more information!   The DESIGN Masterclass 2 Day Getaway is coming to Kinetic Office in Birmingham, AL this February 4th & 5th, and we would […]
Extending Your FileMaker Solutions with Custom Functions 13 Monday, July 2015 - Scott Howard Consulting is a member of FM Academy, a consortium of leading FileMaker development companies in the United States. We put on the acclaimed FM Academy video series. In March 2015, Scott Howard presented a webinar on Extending Your FileMaker Solutions with Custom Functions. Many of the FM Academy presentations are for intermediate and advanced developers, […]
Script Triggers: OnObjectValidate 09 Tuesday, June 2015 - Note: This article assumes an intermediate familiarity with FileMaker Pro. Also, costs figures used in this article are made up. FileMaker 10 gave us script triggers which let us call scripts when when users or scripts switched layouts and records, when fields are entered, modified, saved or exited. Script triggers revolutionized what we could do […]
Elements of a Database 15 Saturday, July 2006 - Over the years in our consulting business, perhaps the most common way we find people handling information for their jobs is in Excel spreadsheets. Almost every one in every position needs to keep some type of information that is specific to their job. And Excel is a great place to do it. It is fairly easy to […]
Classic Rolodex What is a Database? 09 Friday, June 2006 - Let’s just start at the very beginning: What is a database? In essence, a database is a collection of information. You may be surprised to learn that a database doesn’t have to be on a computer. It can be a cigar box full of business cards or an envelope full of coupons. But when your […]

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