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Our Design Process

Beginning your project with us - Initial Discovery Phase

As our partner in design, you will answer a plethora of questions as we work in collaboration with you.  You set the pace while we strive to understand your "pain points."  We identify your users and how your business process works.   We want to know the goals and the roles of each team player.  We discover the details of your environment - physical, financial, technical, and relational. What do you really need? What is your "ideal" solution?

Creating a workable solution - Work Product Specifications/Proposal Phase

After the initial discovery phase, we establish the priorities (scope) of your project and begin to develop storyboards and screen captures of what your solution should look like. We confirm that your budget and time frames are realistic.  We want your solution to be successful so we define each feature with its costs and design documentation so that you can determine which features (any or all) are most important to meeting your needs. What can you afford?

Expecting failure - User Interface and Developer Mindset/Design & Development Phase

At the end of developing the work product specifications, we begin developing the structure and data model of your software in short segments. We will confirm we're headed in the right direction with prototypes and sketches.  For each feature, we strive to conduct multiple usability tests so that we can "fail" early in the process, saving you time and money.   We will observe how you use the product and make corrections to our software onsite in many cases to improve user experience.  Our design and technical features are tested throughout the process so that we can remain flexible to your business environment.  How does the product work?  What can make it better?

Testing our success by launching our product - Deployment Phase

After we've worked closely with you during the development phase, our certified FileMaker developers walk you and your team through the process of deploying your new software.  Our team works in tandem with your team to make the transition from old processes and antiquated software to your newly vetted software easy.  We want to make it work for you.  What features perform best? needs?

Solving issues or developing new features - Support/Maintenance/New Project Phase

Software will always require tweaks and improvements. Once your software is functioning, new ideas or changes in your business processes force adjustments in your software.  We are here to support you and allow you to adapt to new circumstances - new workflows, challenges, regulations - with continued development.

Most of our clients see the potential that our FileMaker solutions provide and they return over and over with ideas that we take and turn into valuable features for their business success.  Contact us at 1-844-396-7301.

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