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Inefficient processes are not only frustrating,
they're expensive!


Data is stored in different systems that don't talk to each other


Reports are not up-to-date


We can't access our information away from the office


It takes too many steps to get simple things done


The same data must be entered in many places


Critical data is still on paper!

Good software should give you
the tools needed to accomplish
every task well.

Team collaboration

We've been crafting custom software since 2006.

Time is too precious to waste on inefficient, frustrating processes.

Our certified software developers collaborate with clients across most industries to solve difficult productivity problems so they can...

    • Save time, money and frustration.
    • Integrate with enterprise and web services.
    • Know their data is secure and backed up.
    • Launch into new business opportunities.

We leverage the latest technologies with specialties in the FileMaker Platform, Oracle APEX, and the full stack of web frameworks to rapidly build desktop, web, and mobile applications for almost any need.

Before & After Working with Us

BEFORE: Why does it take so many clicks to find anything?!

AFTER: There is a logic to our app's design. It is easy to find what you need.

BEFORE: We have to go to different places and people to get what we need to do anything.

AFTER: Everyone can get what they need to accomplish their responsibilities.


The Circle of Care Center for Families

"As much as we needed a software solution, we also needed somebody that we could partner with that could take us through that process and help guide us." - Jonathan Herston

Serviss Safety Services


You guys have been great and very tolerant of my lack of computer knowledge.  You took the topic of OSHA that you have little knowledge of and created a program that matched my vision perfectly and exceeds the process that OSHA goes through to conduct an inspection. Great Job.

Michael McCurry, Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office

Very knowledgeable and experienced in the FileMaker solution. Great Staff.

Steven Frakes, Chapel Library

Scott’s flexible approach to supporting us during the project perfectly fit our needs. In addition, he took initiative to suggest improvements along the way in design, user interface, and scripting. He patiently trained us in the use of new options, resulting in saving significant time and money. We are most satisfied customers. Although their involvement is completed, we continue to benefit every day from Scott Howard Consulting’s professionalism.

Steven Frakes, among his many other responsibilities, is the in-house FileMaker developer for Chapel Library, a ministry that distributes Christian literature around the globe and coordinates college-level courses for prisoners throughout the United States.

Danny Kirkland, Director, Print Promotions Group LLC

Scott Howard Consulting is a great example of a company that listens to your needs, takes that vision and turns it into reality.
In 2011 I needed a solution to handle everything in my business from file creation, data management, CRM, job ticketing and tracking, and finally, Inventory Management. Contracting with Scott was easy. I immediately recognized his expertise and developed a trust in him and his team.

Scott came in and spent months on site learning what we did and ultimately building us a custom application that does all that we needed and more. Because of this solution we were able to go from processing 28,971 projects in 2010 to over 54,500 projects in 2014. We grew our business by more than five times in revenue. None of that would have been possible without the automation and seamless system that Scott Howard Consulting developed for us.

Gloria Chun, Top Choice College Admissions

As someone who knows little to nothing about technology, I needed someone whom I could trust. I knew that Scott was trustworthy right from the start. He was very professional in the way he went about showing me step by step what was happening with the project. At every step along the way, he welcomed my input. I really liked the way he had a product for me to use to see how it was working. Delivered on every aspect of the project and made some helpful suggestions along the way for things I had not foreseen. I would recommend him highly.

Chris Sullivan, Retina Specialists of Alabama, LLC

He’s extremely knowledgeable and professional. We’ve worked with him for nearly 20 years and he’s an outstanding man.

Karen Vinson, Group Management Services

Very prompt and soooooo nice!

Oaktree Software

Scott Howard Consulting has successfully maintained and developed our very complex FileMakerPro solution for over 6 years. They respond promptly to every emergency, and are always very pleasant and patient to work with.

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