Scott Howard

In 1992 Scott Howard worked for an Apple, HP and Compaq dealer in Birmingham, Alabama. He was assigned 900 retail and educational customers. Quotes took half an hour to write and editing them was a pain. Seeing the growing tension in Scott’s face, another salesman put a boxed copy of FileMaker Pro 2 in his hands and said, “I found this helpful. It might help you with your work.” Scott stayed up all night and created his first quote management solution. It generated quotes while on the phone and could be edit instantly – he was sold on FileMaker’s power and flexibility.

Over the next four years Scott improved his quote management solution to create orders, track customer contacts, generate commission and expense reports and more. When he left that company he sold his solution to a colleague who still uses it to run his independent Apple dealership.

A client, the Alabama Eye Bank, hired Scott to improve their FileMaker system. Over the next two years it revolutionized their operations; It increased efficiency by eliminating redundant data entry, improved cash flow by freeing up time to follow up on aging receivables, shortened the time to communicate with donor families and so much more. Word got out about AEB’s system and it was twice featured on FileMaker, Inc.’s web site. In April 2000 Scott presented his eye bank solution at Internet World 2000 with Steve Marcek, then CTO of FileMaker, Inc.

Scott founded and for many years lead the Birmingham FileMaker Developers Group, a local user group that helped FileMaker developers’ improve their skills in a relaxed group setting.

In 2007 Scott left the Eye Bank to work with churches in Africa, South America and Europe. He earned his living by developing FileMaker Pro solutions for clients around the US. For several years Scott worked for Small Company, one of the top FileMaker development companies and host of the famous Design Master Class. Scott Howard Consulting has grown steadily for years. We are members of the FileMaker Business Alliance. We have two full-time FileMaker 12 Certified developers on staff and several subcontractors who bring their technical expertise to projects that need them.

Michael Polanyi, the Hungarian physical chemist, wrote that a well-designed tool, once mastered, becomes an extension of the craftsman’s mind and body. It almost disappears as the craftsman focuses on his work. It is a pleasure to use; it just fits. A poorly designed tool demands attention and distracts from the task at hand. Good software should bring to the worker the tools needed to accomplish each task well. Our passion is to design tools that fit the task and the people doing it. We love seeing a new employee pick up our software for the first time and get to work within minutes because it fits the task so well.

If  you need software for your business or project, or training in FileMaker Pro, please call or write us any time.

Take care,

Scott G Howard
FileMaker Certified Developer
(205) 837-4805
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